Monday, March 23, 2015

The Pringles Soap connection

Pringles Potato Chips, 1.3 oz, (Pack of 36)Now if you don't know already, Pringles are not just for junk food lovers. Since I tasted these years ago when they first came out, and found that they do not look, nor taste like real potato chips and aren't even really potatoes, I felt no need to ever again put one of these in my mouth. So why am I posting a picture of a Pringles can on a soap blog!

Well, my son a while back brought a whole bag of munchies over to our house and among them was a can of Pringles; and around the same time I was reading how people were buying them just to use the can as a mold for round soaps. So this can of Pringles is now taking up space in my pantry until I can find the time to use it for making some of those round soaps. Of course I could always go to Lowe's or another hardware store and buy a piece of PVC pipe and use that but why bother when I have a free can of Pringles to do the job, and don't see myself making that many round soaps.

The soap supply cupboards in various places around the house are already overstuffed with soap molds soap cutters and other tools, colorants, fragrance oils, etc. etc. Am I the only soaper searching cupboards to discard old food to make room for soaping materials? Betcha I'm not! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

One day one third off sale on Fragrance oils at Aztec today

I took advantage of the one day sale just to get 8 of their 1oz fragrance oils. You can only order 1 of any 1 oz fragrance at that price; but this was an opportunity to try their fragrances and to try some fragrances I've never used.

Since I don't have the energy or time right now to make soap, I've been taking advantage of some of the sales and special offerings I've found lately. I got a great tall, skinny silicone mold through a co-op type sale for only $18, and  from another on line co-op, got a great mix of glitter colors in a large sampler bag, to which were added a few free ones. I also placed an order for some colorants and other things from BeScented. I like her green spatulas that you see her using in her videos and I ordered both sizes of them. I ordered yesterday and they were shipped today. Love that service!

And today I ordered a 6 pack of some wide mouthed squeeze bottles from Amazon which I think will be very useful for some swirl patterns.

I've also gotten a couple of other small molds recently - one for 7/8" balls for embeds, and another for mini hearts for embeds, and a couple of other  single and triple molds for roses and mini roses.

Now I have to find space for these extra tools and supplies and the time to get them organized. I've had a few new plastic lock boxes sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me to get the time to re-do my storage areas. I've been thinking that one of the hobby carts on wheels that Michaels and Amazon sell may be a purchase in the near future.

I just bought all new stainless steel kitchen appliances yesterday, and most thrilled about the new fridge which is a couple of cubic feet larger than our current one, which will give me extra room for some of my soaping oils and butters! LOL