Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wonderful article on colorants for cold process soaps

Amy Warden's blog has a wonderful page of information on various colorants available for cold process soaps as well as best ways to mix and use them. I like that she gives amounts to use per cup of soap, since most of us don't use just one color in a soap most of the time and using PPO makes it mind boggling trying to figure out how much to use in those many small cups of batter we want to use in those lovely swirls.

On that page, she has a link to a list of Conservatorie Micas that many users have reported to be stable, (non morphing in Cold Process soap). Here is a link to that web page.

Happy soaping everyone! Time for me to pick out the colors I want to use in the SMF October Hidden Feather Swirl challenge. 

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