Sunday, May 3, 2015

Make your own hanger swirl

For my first hanger swirl I just dug deep in my closet and found an older wire hanger which is a little thicker than the current ones I have. It worked OK but I wanted to have something thicker so the swirls wouldn't be so close, and I found some polyethelen tubing at Lowes hardware and just ran it through the wire after opening the wire tool up a bit, and then re-bent it. So now I have this to play with:

This is for my 2lb silicone mold and now I'll make one for my one lb silicone mold. I have a bunch of new base recipes I want to try and I just ordered a second one lb mold which will work great for testing new batches and new fragrances, etc.

I continue printing out my soap calc recipe sheets and have to get the rest of them into the plastic sheets and into the 3 ring binder some time today. 

I  bought another storage cart yesterday - just couldn't resist the bargain! We have a community garage sale this weekend, and when I took our dog Bodhi out for his first early walk yesterday morning, a block away a neighbor just put one of these carts. Mine looks just like this photo and it looks like it was never used. It was $15, so needless to say, I wasn't going to pass it up. Some sellers of this show a list price over $100 on Amazon. I am sure I will find a use for it down the line for more soaping or other things. The drawer aren't as deep as the other two I purchased, but I figured that I can always remove some of the drawers to give myself head space for taller items.

I haven't made soap since December and I'm really itching to get some made some time this week. First I have to get a couple of days to finish by spring planting. Also, I'd like to video tape the soaping session and have to figure out how to work my new video camera. It has a 200 page manual that you have to print out yourself, so with my first morning tea I went through the pdf file of the manual and printed out most of it. Now I have to figure out what kind of folder I can store it in!

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