Thursday, April 30, 2015

Two are better than one and Be Scented tonight's sale notice

I loved this  rolling cart so much, I immediately ordered a second one!

The first one stores oxides, micas, glitters, natural and other powdered colorants. The second one is for tools and molds and a few other things. Now I just have to find the time and energy to make soap!

Now that the old fridge is in the garage and giving me extra space, I'm able to properly store my butters and some oils in there, freeing some space to tighten up my making supplies. My aim is to have the mobile carts and some kitchen storage for larger mixing pots and some of the longer storage oils,  The carts will live in my office until needed; but right now they're sitting in the kitchen area. I told my husband they'll stay there for a while. After all the Queen of England isn't expected to be visiting any time soon! :-)

My other project the past couple of days was to print out a lot of my Soap Calc recipes and get them in a three ring binder, and inside of plastic sheets to protect them. I also spent a lot of time using soap calc to create different batch sizes of some of the recipes, which is why it's taken a few days to get to this point. I love my new laser wireless printer!!!

Since my right hip is such a mess, and my right foot is still healing from a bad fall, I finally found the time for these sit down jobs, in between my normal household chores that require me to be standing.. I even manged to plant a couple of flower pots this week and will plant the last of the petunias out front this afternoon. Since I can't stand for long, I'm now starting to wonder if I can try to make a batch of soap this week, sitting down. It might take me all day but I think it will be doable.

I have a new, oval mold to go with the smaller oval guest mold. My husband likes the oval shape and loves the Nag Champa soap, so it's time to at least try to find the time to make some more bigger bars, since I'm down to my last guest sized bar!

Be has a sale starting tonight, so you may want to check out Jenn's site to find the exact time. She's a great gal, who shares so much on her Facebook pages and her you tube videos. There's 30% off select molds, and sale prices on colorants and maybe other things. Check it out. You must register if you want to order because the newly debuted site seems to empty your shopping cart if you're not registered and try to get back to it! You can find our more by checking her Be Scented group on Facebook. She ships fast and if you watch her videos on you tube, you will see that she tests her colors and fragrances and you get to see and hear her assessment of the them. So you don't have to deal with unexpected surprises like soap seizing, etc.If it accelerates, she tells you and also tells you if it's workable, ricing, seizing, etc. I really like this girl and she deserves our business.

She also has two other groups on Facebook and on you tube for her own soaps. In addition to Be Scented. on Facebook, she has a destash group of there where other soapers can sell soaping materials and tools they no longer want or need. Her own soap making site on you tube and Facebook is called A&N suds and such.


  1. June, please send me the brand name of your carts.thanks

    1. It's called "Seville". Here's the link to amazon: