Saturday, February 6, 2016

Black and white challenge

Last month I participated in a black and white soap challenge and here was my entry. I couldn't execute it precisely as I had planned, because I had difficulty estimating just how much of each color I would need to do it. I thought a 60/40 of white and black would work, but wound up not having enough black to reach the bottom of the black and white top, nor enough to make a more abundant black swirl in the white panel. Next time I'll do 50/50 or even do 55 black and 45 white.

I'm waiting for a 9 bar slab mold to be made. It should be ready sometime next week and  I'm hoping it arrives in time for a swirl challenge I signed up will take another week, I imagine, to arrive here. My entry for the swirl challenge is due in about two weeks, so it's going to be close. Also on order is a Bud, single bar wire soap cutter, which should be here around the same time or sooner.

Planting is taking to priority at the moment. These bare root plants don't like to hang around too long without getting planted. Two days ago, I planted 25 ever bearing strawberries. I have June bearing ones on order that should be arriving soon; and I have several berries, roses and perennials that I've bought the past two days, all bare root, that need to get planted in the next couple of days. Fortunately, we are due for about four or five sunny, days in the 60's, so I should get it all planted this week.

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