Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Delayed arrival of my slab mold

Looks like my new 9 bar slab mold with divider may not be arriving in time for me to have an entry in the swirling slab mold soap challenge this month. I only saw a note from the maker on Etsy Friday and ordered it immediately, but a followup on my part, found out that she was out of town Monday and said it she would be shipping orders sometime this week.

I would have to have my entry in before the 22nd, so it's doubtful that I can make it. Even though it's doesn't look like I will be able to make it in time, I will try that swirl when I get the mold.

My saved boxes that I use to cover some soap molds seemed to have gone walkies. So I will have to check my recycle bin and she if my cleaning lady thought they were trash and put them in there. There may be a slim chance that one of them can be lined and used as a mold.

This is my last day this week to have a warm, dry afternoon for planting, then we'll be back to rain and cooler temperatures for about five more days.  I'll head to the garden right after lunch and till then I will re-do my recipe for the 9 bar mold.

Someone on the soap forum who has the mold helped me out and said she uses 47 oz of oils, but since I want to cut the soap horizontally, I want to make the soap about 2 1/4" high instead of 2". If it looks like it will spill when spinning, then I always have some oval and other small molds ready to take any excess batter if necessary

Since this new mold is wood, I will have to line it, so I'll try to get the paper cut tomorrow and weigh out my oils and have everything ready to go in case the mold arrives in time. Once it's shipped it's only coming from Washington, which is just north of me, so I'll hope for the best.

Well, time to get out my recipe and load soap calc and get the recipe in there and printed out.

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