Friday, June 3, 2016

Nearing the finish line

My leg is healing nicely and I've been doing my therapeutic exercises daily - sometimes more sometimes less depending on the pain level due to some nerve damage as a result of the accident and the pressure from the brace which is now removed.

Last surgeon's visit eleven days ago was very good. Xrays show things are healing nicely.He allowed me to put 25% of my body weight on the healing leg and this coming Monday I go to 50% body weight on the leg for two week and after that I can put my full body weight on the leg and drive. I hope by then my car will be fixed!

The car and I might wind up being fixed at the same time., I'll know more today about the car. Yesterday they said one of the headlights was dimmer and they think it might be an electrical problem, and they may have to send away for a part Once that problem is fixed, he said they have to put the car back together again!

Initially the car was supposed to be fixed by May 6, so you can imagine the amount of work they needed to do on it. The repair bill was over $20,500, and the insurance company opted for it to be repaired rather than be replaced. The paramedics taking care of me said the car was totaled, so you can be sure that I'm going to go over it with a fine tooth comb once it's returned to me to make sure it's working as well as it was before the accident!

Soap making is probably at least a month away, but I have been keeping touch for the soap making forum and watching a lot of videos and making notes for future soaps and color combinations. I watched some videos this morning on the leopard spot technique which looks pretty simple, yet very pleasing and interesting. I like that design better than the camouflage pattern, which definitely has a place in soap making. In fact, I should make one at some point for my sun who is an avid hunter.

Once I'm able to stand and walk on my own two feet I have to get the house organized and tend to my garden. Friends and one of the gardener's workers planted the things I was getting ready to plant before the accident and I told them to just plant them anywhere, so I'm going to have to dig a lot, if not most of them up and replant. And then of course, there's going to be the weeding and feeding to do! I should be able to plant some of the other summers veggie seeds I couldn't plant before the accident, like beans, squash and cucumbers, and maybe some fresh lettuce since these hundred degrees days this week are probably causing the first lettuce to bolt and turn bitter.

Hopefully, some time in July, I'll be caught up enough with house and garden and strong enough make some soap. Before the accident I was ready to do a drop swirl using a mango/papaya Fragrance Oil, so that will be the first one I made. I hope the scent is a delicious in the finished soap as it is in the bottle!

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