Saturday, April 18, 2015

Great storage cart for soaping things

I'm so glad I bought this cart! I do love on line shopping. Thank you Amazon!

The drawers are 3" deep, which is the same depth of my 1 oz jars of colorants. The cart holds all my micas, oxides, botanical and clay colorants, silks, and glitters. I put the Titanium dioxide, silks, clays, botanical colorants and a few dried flowers in the top drawer,  yellows and oranges in one drawer,  reds, pinks and light lavender/lilac, in another, then  purples, blues and greens in the next one, and browns and blacks in it's own drawer, and glitters in the last drawer. And there's plenty of room leftover to add to all but the first drawer.

My husband is encouraging me to get another one and if I can make room in my office/meditation room for two of these, I will do that. I have a handyman coming out in a few days, hopefully, to help me re-position my office desk and big, recliner chair. If I can get rid of the big box of years of computer and audio and phone cables, in that office closet I think I might be able to fit one of these in there..

It would be nice to have another one for spatulas, gloves, whisks, pipettes, measuring spoons, little jars for mixing micas and other colorants, my smaller bottles of Fragrance and Essential oils, my embed and other low molds, etc. etc.When you don't have a basement or a large laundry room to use for soap making and tool storage, you have to get creative and mobile! My poor kitchen has already given up a lot of it's storage to soaping tools and ingredients, so I had to look for a way to spread out from there in a mobile way and this type of cart fits the bill.

This is a well made and easy to assemble unit, unlike the little laundry one I put together about a week ago. It needed a second set of hands; but I made do by leaning it against my bedroom dresser. What a pain and struggle that was; but it was only about $11.99 and is perfect as a soap drying cart, so I can't complain too much.

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