Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Solving storage

Found this Savoy cart on Amazon and it's going to be perfect to un-clutter one of my small soaping supplies cupboards in the kitchen. I'll just store it in my office and wheel it out as needed. This will hold all my glitters, micas and other colorants.

They are other carts like this with more drawers but those drawers were only 2 1/2" deep, not enough for my 3" hi jars. It was shipped out yesterday but they gave me a date from the 16 to 21st as possible arrival, so I may have to wait till next week to get this part of organizing done.

Since we don't have a basement to allocate for soaping, the kitchen is it, and storage is scattered all over the house and garage. Since we got a new fridge and put the old one in the garage, I now have that one to store a lot of my soaping oils, butters and  fragrances and essential oils. It's amazing how fast you can fill up another fridge!

My new oval, silicone soap mold arrived yesterday and I have to find a place for that in my mold cupboard which is getting pretty full lately.  Now that it has arrived,  it will be time to think about making  more Nag Champa soap which my husband and I both love. My first batch of Nag Champa was guest size ovals and my husband has decided that he prefers that shape.  I have to admit I also love the feel of it in my hand; but I would get bored just making ovals since I do like making swirled soaps too much.

Right now I just take a few days to get the house in order and get some garden chores done. We had a couple of weeks of house guests and visitors, new appliances delivered and installed, a new printer that I had to set up and a couple of other electronic gizmos to setup up. I still have to figure out the new digital video camera that I bought to do soaping videos for you tube. 

Now husband wants lunch and then I need to continue printing out my soap recipes from Soap Calc and find some plastic covers and a ring binder for them. When I see all the things I have to do and want to do every day, I can't understand other retired people who complain of boredom. I never seem to have enough hours in the day to do all the fun things there are to do when you're retired - like gardening, making soap, reading, taking long walks in the woods, etc. etc. 

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