Monday, January 12, 2015

Hanger swirl

This was my first hanger swirl which is now on the last week and a half of curing. I ran out of the special amber fragrance oil and had to add a little bit of something else. It stilled smelled good but after curing another month or more the scent has changed and smells even better. This was made for the men in the family, but I will definitely keep one for myself. At some point today I'll test a scrap end just to see how I like my new base recipe.

Wholesale supplies is having a sale on molds, just for today, so I ordered the smallest ball mold along with enough other things to get the free shipping and a free sample. 

There won't be any soap making today because we have to take down our Christmas tree, and I have to re-organize things in the guest/soap curing room. We had a new long dresser delivered yesterday and now I have to get all the clothes off the bed and back into the dresser, and get the top of the dresser covered and get my soap rack and soap on there.

Tonight the Oregon Ducks are playing for the championship so most us Oregonians,  from 5:30 on, are going to be glued to the TV, including myself who isn't a huge football fan, other than the half time shows and Superbowl commercials!

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