Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Waiting Game

My last order from Wholesale Supplies should be here mid week. The soap planer I ordered from Etsy is also in the mail, so by the end of the week or weekend, I might be able to make soap again.

I had my endoscopy two days ago and it turns out last years surgery for the para esophageal hernia has caused a mini hiatal hernia. They stretched the lower end of my esophagus so hopefully that will alleviate the problem I had with the food going down and staying down. It's a heck of a way to diet!

Yesterday I finally packaged some of manly scented soaps and gave them to our son and friends. I just put them in the little soap, cellophane bags and closed the top with ribbon.  Now I had to make a soap for the women of the family and friends.

I also need to learn to make labels now that I've picked a name for my soaps. There's a good you tube video on that, by the gal from Be Scented, so I need to find a block of time to go back to the Avery site and create a basic label, I also need to buy some of the less expensive labels on Amazon that will work with the Avery software.

Right now there's laundry to fold and lunch dishes to wash.

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